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Important Note

Welcome to PAROS!

We thank you for your interest in interviewing or inviting an ESA astronaut. Before you proceed, we would like you to be aware of a few things:
  • Our astronauts are in high demand, but they are usually busy training, flying to space or fulfilling technical assignments. Only very few days every month can be dedicated to outreach activities, therefore only a fraction of the requests can be satisfied.
  • We typically start planning communication activities for our astronauts with a lead time of 9 weeks. We realise that this can be a problem, but please understand that we need to plan public appearances around our astronauts’ primary duties. Also, be aware the schedule of our astronauts occasionally changes on short notice.
  • ESA may request a lump sum reimbursement for travel expenses and internal costs related to an astronaut appearance.
  • Our astronauts do not receive speaker fees or other monetary compensation. Talks and other public appearances are part of our astronauts’ duties as ambassadors for the European Space Agency, space and science.
We will take a close look at each request, but we would like to ask you for a little patience. We will contact you as soon as possible,
With best regards,
The ESA European Astronaut Centre Communications Team.